Name the Denver Comic Con Beer Contest 2017!

Name the Denver Comic Con Beer Contest 2017

Have you ever wanted to name a beer? Well, every year Denver Comic Con has a different and unique beer that is made for that years convention. So, it needs a name. Right now, they’re hosting the “Name the Denver Comic Con Beer” contest.

Every year since the start of Denver Comic Con, DCC and Breckenridge Brewery have teemed up to bring us different and unique beers to sell at that years convention. In previous years, the name of these different beers were named by fans. Those names were Snape-ricot, Hulk’s Mash, Brews Wayne, The Caped Brewsader and The Fantastic Pour. Now, you have a chance to name this years Denver Comic Con beer. However, the contest has already started and ends at 5:00pm MDT tomorrow.

However, if you are chosen as the winner of the Name the Denver Comic Con Beer contest you will receive a custom prize package from Breckenridge Brewery that includes free beer for a year and this years Denver Comic Con beer tap handle. Pretty awesome, right?

This year, Breckenridge Brewery has crafted a Bohemian-style Pilsner that has been described as delicate and well-balanced. They used Saaz hops which gives the beer an earthy aroma, spicy flavor characteristics, and a crisp, dry finish.

So once again, to enter your perfect name for this beer is for today and tomorrow. To name this Bohemian-style Pilsner you can click HERE to put in your entry!

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