Mystic Melee out on Early Access

Mystic Melee out on Early Access

Are you looking for a new platformer game to try out? How about one out on early access? Check out Mystic Melee that was just released today!

The Game

In Mystic Melee, you get the choice to be one of four characters. There’s Gale the Storm Adept, Amaya the Priestess of the Falls, Torr the Stone Monk, and Seraphina the Flame Runner. Together they are trying to defeat a great evil who is threatening their galaxy. To do this, they have to use not only their powers but powers they learn along the way. Can you take down the evil that threatens their galaxy and revenge Gale’s Master’s death?

Mystic Melee is a physics-based, speed running platformer. In the campaign mode, you have to defeat enemies and collect combo as fast as you can. At the end of the levels, you are shown the leaderboards and where you placed in them compared to everyone else who has played Mystic Melee. There is also an Online mode where you get to face off against other people in an arena, to test your spellcasting abilities. There is also a local mode too where you can face off against your friends.

The Feels

I’m super excited this game is finally out, even if it’s on early access. It’s a great party game to play with friends in the arena mode. Or if you’re looking for a challenge, the campaign mode will challenge you. So far there are 30+ levels to try out in campaign mode. Though I have to admit, some of these levels are very hard. There are some I can’t even finish.

If you’re looking for a challenge or just a fun game to play with friends, check out Mystic Melee!

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