Monster Loves You! Indie Game Review

Monster Loves You!

I got a chance to play Monster Loves You! I wanted to try something cute and this game definitely can end up that way. It’s a game of choices that deems the future of your character.

Monster Loves You

The Game

Monster Loves You! is a game where you are born a in a pit like any other monster. From there, you make choices. Each choice gives you a certain credit when it comes to who you are as a monster. There are five categories that you can fill up which are, bravery, cleverness, ferocity, honesty and kindness. After playing the game Undertale, I figured I would go the passive route.

At first, you are an adolescent. Trying to find your way in the world. All the monsters get to go though the same stages so the elders know what will happen next for you. You then find yourself in adult hood. When your monster gets old enough, it goes though a test to see if it disintegrates or becomes an elder. From there, your job is to either find peace or rage war with the humans.

Monster Loves You

The Feels

I like story games like this. You never know what you’re going to find yourself doing. Being that I’m a veteran of Undertale, I took the pacifist route and found myself bringing human kind and monsters together in harmony. In this scenario, both the humans and the monsters benefited from coming together.

However there were opportunities where I could have eaten the humans, yet I chose not to. Since the game is one of those that you can restart and do-over to make different choices, I can always go back and see what my options are. Maybe I’ll go with the, let’s bite everyone route. We’ll see.

This game is totally adorable though, something good for parents and children to bond over. What kind of monster will you be? One that turns into an elder that brings the monsters and the humans together? Or one that rips the monster’s and human’s fragile worlds apart. Either way, super cute game.

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Monster Loves You

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