Molecats Early Access on Steam

Molecats Early Access on Steam

Do you like playing games on Early Access? To give the developers your input on a game that’s still being made? Check out Molecats which was recently released on Early Access on Steam!

The Game

Molecats is a tile-twisting puzzle game where you are helping a Molecat navigate though twisty caves. Along the way, you have to collect mushrooms and avoid traps and spooky monsters to get your Molecat to the end of the level. You also get to pick up special mushrooms that help your Molecat out. Sometimes your Molecat is in a dead end, sometimes your Molecat is on the ceiling. Either way, collect the mushrooms and get to the end of the level.

Can you solve the puzzles to get your cute little Molecat to the exit of the Cave?

The Feels

This is a cute little game. It would be great for teaching kids to solve puzzles and to think outside of the box. Plus the Molecats are pretty cute. It’s an adorable little game where the art is very clean and cute and the music is calming but fun. If you like puzzle games, you might enjoy this one.

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