Meet Dustin and Lucas from Stranger Things at Denver Comic Con 2017!

Stranger Thing at Denver Comic Con 2017

Are you as in love with Stranger Things as I am? Even though I just recently watched it, I want more. I don’t want to wait till Halloween, either. Luckily, come this¬†June you can meet they boys who play Dustin and Lucas from Stranger Things at Denver Comic Con 2017.

That’s right! Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin will be at the biggest convention in the state of Colorado. Which I am all sorts of excited for. If you haven’t watched these two in Stranger Things, you’re missing out. Gaten plays the lovable, front teeth missing Dustin who happens to be the voice of reason for the group. Meanwhile, Caleb plays Lucas, the hotheaded yet loyal one of the bunch who comes around when he’s needed most.

Though, seriously, if you haven’t watched Stranger Things on Netflix, I highly recommend that you do. One of the best things about Stranger Things, is that there are three different genres to this show depending on which group it focuses on. For starters, from the kid’s perspective it’s a mystery/action genre. Meanwhile, it’s horror for the teenagers. Then you have a thriller mixed with drama for the adults. It has everything, and does it amazingly well.

Plus, we have to wait till Halloween till Season 2 of Stranger Things. This is painful. However, being able to see two of the kids who brought this amazing show to life will help shorten the wait.

Either way, Stranger Things is awesome and I’m super excited to see Gaten Matarazzo and Caleb McLaughlin in real life at Denver Comic Con 2017.

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