A Magical High-School Girl Indie Game Review

A Magical High-School Girl

In November, A Magical High-School Girl was released on Steam. I found myself attracted to it for the cute characters. Yet, if you’re looking for a cute strategy game to play, this could possibly be a game for you!

The Game

In A Magical High-School Girl, you play a teenage girl who runs into some trouble one day after school. After she helps someone she finds on the way home, she is transported into a magical world. There, she has to fight monsters by using magic. Yet, she’s got to be careful. Every little thing that she does ends up draining her health, including magic. Therefore, she has to constantly eat snacks. Yet, she finds these snacks on the side of the road or on the monsters she kills.

However, even these snacks can be tricky. Some of them will curse her, some of them will poison her, and some heal. You never know until you try, and hopefully it won’t kill her before hand. If that happens, you end up having to start over from level 1. Will she be able to survive in this world?

The Feels

While playing A Magical High-School Girl, and dying several times, I found myself adapting what I had learned and wanting to see how far I could get. I did find it pretty amusing that anything out there, including snacks could hurt her. Yet, at the same time, I found this pretty challenging. When you expect that all snacks heal and then you get poisoned from it, it throws you off. I never thought I would be afraid of a bag of potato chips.

However, I call A Magical High-School Girl a strategy game due to every time you move or attack, the monsters also move or attack. Therefore, it’s not in real time and you have an opportunity to plan your attack. Also, when you receive magic that hasn’t been named yet, you can name this magic and it becomes a spell for you to use. It’s pretty cool.

Overall, I enjoyed playing a Magical High-School Girl. It’s adorable.

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