Loving Life Indie Game Review

There was an indie game that I’ve been meaning to play for the past year. I finally got the courage to play it a few days ago. This game is called Loving Life. Its a game created by my other half, Zhenghua Yang. Loving Life is a true story that happened almost eight years ago.


The Game

Loving Life is the nonfictional story game about Zhenghua aka Z’s near fatal experience. The game starts off with the background story of Z at his freshman year of college. He tells you of the experiences of the days leading up to where he almost died. You meet a couple of his friends who helped him though this time. I’ve actually had the pleasure of meeting Shikhank and at the time didn’t realize how important he was until now.

The story continues, and becomes intense quick. You never know how things can go so bad so fast. There’s not a lot of action in this game since it is a story, but it has beautiful scenes and beautiful music. Most importantly though, it has a message.

Loving Life

The Feels

I cried so hard. Unfortunately, this illness of Z’s will never go away. Thankfully so far he has found ways of managing it. I didn’t play this game for so long because I didn’t want to know the severity of his illness. I didn’t want to know how quickly things can go down hill for him. This illness scares me to death and I worry about him constantly. Yet, at the same time even though I was learning the warning signs, I found some hope in this game.

Actually, there have been a lot of people who have found hope from his game, especially those who believe that their lives have become hopeless. People from all of the world have emailed Z telling him about the hope this game gives them. Some have even admitted that playing this game stopped them from taking their own lives. The epiphany that Z had while almost dying has given so many people hope. He’s carried that with him since then.

Am I biased? Of course, he’s my other half. However, this game is totally worth playing. The message Loving Life gives is a lesson that many people need and want. If anything, the Loving Life is free to download and play so what is there to loose? This game, has developed many deep feelings for me that are all mixed. Fear, worry, hope and happiness they’re all together boiling in one pot. I’m so glad I finally got grew the courage to play Loving Life. Don’t forget to look for the bonus content at the end!

Loving Life Free Download: http://serenityforge.com/games/lovinglife

Z’s Twitter: @ZhenghuaYang

Z’s Website: http://zhenghuayang.com/


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