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This past weekend I was introduced to a free flash game called Loved by Alex Ocias. It’s a quick game play, which I was in need for. When you’re moving and uprooting your life, one ends up pushing video game playing time to the side. However I’ve been neglecting this so I figured quick games will be my forte this week!


The Game

In Loved you play a character. At first it asks you which gender you are and if you respond “woman” like I did, it corrects you and tells you that you are a boy. From there, you continue along your journey of jumping over spikes and avoiding red boxes. However, during this time the narrator tells you what to do.  You can either choose to do what the narrator tells you to do or you can go opposite. I don’t do well with being told what to do, so I did opposite.

From there, the game got harder for me. It was harder to figure out where to go, harder to get away from the things that were chasing me. The narrator however was mad that I didn’t do what he wanted. He only told me that he loved me, and didn’t understand why I didn’t love him back. Or she, could have been a she. However when I continued, the world became more colorful.


The Feels

If you take the opposite route for the game, you find that the game is easy as you comply to every step that the narrator gives you. However, instead of your world becoming more colorful it remains black and white. Which, I really like that message. If you’re good, follow the rules and do only what other people tell you to do then your world won’t be as meaningful. However if you break rules and do your own thing your world will be more colorful and thus more meaning.

Which is a lesson I take to heart. I can’t live my life pleasing everyone, because no matter what I would let someone else down. I need to go and do my own thing and live my own life the way I want to. What that is yet, I have no clue. Either way, I will go and do it. Wish me luck!

To find and play this game for free, you can go:

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