Lost Constellation Indie Game Review

Lost Constellation

I stumbled upon Lost Constellation while searching for recommended indie games by other outlets. When I saw the art for this game, I knew I needed to play it. I’m weak when it comes to beautiful art in games.

Lost Constellation

The Game

In Lost Constellation, you play an Astronmer named Adina. She seeks to go west to fulfill a promise she made a year ago. However, to get there she has to go though a magical forest. This game contains little puzzles that you have to solve in order to continue to the next area. The most of the puzzles consist of making snowmen with object you find in the trees.

However, it’s the story that matters most in this world for me. Adina finds herself in a conflict, even though all she wanted to do was to travel to the frozen lake to fulfill a promise. The forest she has to travel though always changes since the trees move. She finds that the gods of this forest are sick and that a hunchbacked rat may be to blame. Yet, she must remain strong in order to complete her goal.

Lost Constellation

The Feels

Between the music and the graphics of this game, I was memorized. It’s absolutely beautiful. On top of that it’s a magical story told by a grandfather to his delinquent granddaughter. It’s about fulfilling promises and going after your dreams. It’s a magical game that I knew I would enjoy and quite frankly I did.

Lost Constellation is the prequel to the game Night in the Woods, which is set to come out sometime this year. I’m actually pretty excited for this game after playing Lost Constellation. It’s an art style I really enjoy and a great form of story telling.

For more information on Night in the Woods or Lost Constellation: http://www.nightinthewoods.com/

Lost Constellation

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