Logan Movie Review by PewPewCat *Spoilers*

Logan Movie Review by PewPewCat

Recently, Logan the latest X-men movie came to theaters. Naturally since I am a geek, I had to go and watch it. However, I am an introvert and didn’t want to watch it with too many people around, thus I went this past weekend. Here’s my Logan movie review!

The Movie

Logan takes place in a near but distant future. Logan aka Wolverine is working as a limo driver trying to earn money to buy pills for Professor X whose health is declining. He has Professor X hidden somewhere along the Mexican border under the care of Caliban another mutant. All the other mutants are gone by this point.

However, Logan’s life of being a limo driver is soon about to end, when a woman comes to him begging for his help. At first he does the gruff Logan thing and ignores her pleas. It is only until after she is killed that he discovers her one wish is for him to take a young girl to North Dakota. Naturally, bad people are after the young girl.

Things become complicated as Logan discovers that this young girl is not only a mutant, but a mutant that was created after his own genetic material. There are possibly other mutant clones out there as well.

The Feels/ Spoilers

Logan seems to be the last X-men movie featuring Wolverine. I knew that going into Logan, both Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart were retiring from the X-men movie franchise. It still didn’t make this movie any easier.

I guess, the one thing I was excited about was the movie franchise introducing X-23, Wolverine’s clone. She’s pretty bad ass. Though young, she was a compelling character who had been though practical torture, yet still believed in her friends.

*Warning Spoilers*

However, killing Charles Xavier off in the manner that they did felt very disrespectful. He’s one of the most powerful brains out there. Yes, he’s old and taking medicine that prevents him from having a seizure that kills people. But it can’t block out all of his powers. He should have realized that it wasn’t the real Logan.

Plus, I don’t feel like a small burial along with Logan beating up his truck was enough emotion for loosing the Professor. Professor X was the one protector of mutants out there. He was always on their side. Then again, I’m very attached to not only Professor X, but to Patrick Stewart the actor as well. I was pretty upset by this.

On top of that, instead of ending Logan happily where Logan became the new leader of the new-age X-men, they ended this in tragedy as the young clones escaped to Canada from those who would harm them.

Yes, Logan was already not doing well health wise.┬áBut being killed by a look alike clone? That’s not at all like Logan. Heck, in the comic book The Death of Wolverine he suffocated to death from his hardening adamantium. Not was rung though by made up character X-24.

Maybe I’m taking their deaths too hard. They have been not only mine, but millions of fans’ Wolverine and Professor X for 17 years. Which is a long time. The premise of this movie was good, I just think they could have executed it better.

Either way, Logan was a good movie. It kept you entertained the entire time. I just, have issues. This has been my Logan movie review. I’m just, still mourning the two characters I have loved most in the X-Men movie franchise.

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