My List of Indie Games to Play Part 1

As a gamer, I see so many things that I want to play. There are so many games out there that perk my interest and I just want to play them all. My only problem though is time. There’s not enough minutes in the day. By the time I actually have time do play something, I have totally forgotten what that was. So I might as well make a list of indie games to play.

This is only going to be a short list, since I have so many to play and might as well expand on this later. One of those games happens to be Her Story. It won a ton of awards at IGF aka the Independent Games Festival at the Game Developer’s Conference this year. It’s about a British woman who is interview by the police seven times over the disappearance of her husband back in 1994. It’s definitely an interesting concept. I really want to play it regardless.

List of Indie Games

On top of that, I may have already mentioned that I want to play Playdead’s newest game, Inside. It took years for them to create this follow up game after Limbo. I don’t know much about it though. It looks super creepy and scary at parts. However I’ve read that it’s an awesome follow up to Limbo and best not to know before you play. Either way, I’m excited to try it out.


The last game on this little list of indie games to play is Portal 2. I played Portal way back at the beginning when I created this website. I think it’s time to play the second one. Portal 2 I’ve heard is many people’s favorite game. One of my closest friends is actually obsessed with it. So now I’ll soon understand the hype with Wheatley is… Or understand what she’s been talking about for all these years.

List of Indie Games

Alright! I have a list! Now to focus and remember that list. Oh look a penny!

Her Story Info:


Portal 2:

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