LIMBO Indie Game Review

My other half recently had me play the horror game, LIMBO by Playdead, a game that was released back in 2010. It won a ton of awards and has been labeled as the Best Horror Game by IGN.

The Game:

LIMBOLIMBO is a puzzle-platform game where you essentially play a young boy going though purgatory looking for his sister. You have to solve a series of puzzles in order to continue forward, and you die a lot.

What makes LIMBO so special is that it is totally super creepy. There are giant spiders that try to stab you though your torso and fling you, there’s dead bodies lying around, there’s other people in this place that are trying to kill you, by shooting arrows or dropping things on you or flat out shooting you… I mean, you’re basically trying to survive hell.

The Feels:

LIMBOI have to admit though; I’m not very good at puzzle-platform games. So a lot of these puzzles were hard for me. Heck, I’m thankful for YouTube tutorials since I got stuck in some parts for a long time. Though I found it entertaining when I watched some of the YouTube “let’s plays” and parts I had figured out, the players struggled with.

It’s a fun, creepy, demented game though. There were parts where it actually startled me and I jumped in my seat, scarring my cat. LIMBO is totally a trial and error game where by error I mean death. It can be annoying though when you get a bug stuck in the boy’s head. By annoying, I mean gross and annoying since it messes with your controls and makes it harder to complete. There’s also a bug sticking out of his head which is disgusting.

Regardless, LIMBO has won a ton of awards and it’s evident why it did. It’s an amazing game and even though the graphics are simple, it’s beautiful and timeless. The game play makes you think and can be challenging, yet it’s meant to be. I enjoyed this creepy game and look forward to Playdead’s newest game, INSIDE coming soon!

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