Lily of the Valley Indie Game Review

Lily of the Valley Indie Game Review

Life is what you make of it and sometimes you need a reminder of that. That’s what the indie game/ visual novel Lily of the Valley is all about.

The Game

The story is told from the perspective of a 34 year old man. He is extremely depressed and his mother had just passed away. It was a surprise to everyone, since she choked to death on a bran and banana muffin. For the longest time, this man has been living alone in London an an insurance salesman. He’s lonely and depressed but is okay with continuing to live his life the way it is.

He returns home from London to Wales for his mother’s funeral. His sister Hazel is holding it together, but he feels nothing. That is until he meets a young girl named Lily, who makes him question the way he’s lived his life.

The Feels *Spoilers*

I played this game all the way though since it felt like a familiar story. I’ve felt stuck in my life before, and have been very depressed. Luckily, I didn’t give up and started making positive changes in my life. I found help for things that I was having troubles dealing with, and I still continue to press forward. It was hard, but I’ve come to a place where I’m finally happy.

This wasn’t the case for the main character. He dies in the end and it was too late to turn his life around. He always focused in on himself too much about his own sadness, to see the positivity ofthe world around him. Lily has to show him this. However as you find, there are no second chances. When you die, you die.

This is a sad game, but it also helps to reflect about things in your own life. It’s more than worth a shot at playing. Maybe it will help someone out there going through a rough time.

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