Lifeless Planet Launches on the PS4

Today you can get the narrative exploration game, Lifeless Planet on the PS4. It’s the story of an astronaut who finds himself in a strange new world. Or so he thinks until he starts to find the remnants of a Russian town. This leads him to believe that this is a hoax until he is saved by a mysterious woman from a deadly event.

Lifeless Planet has been out for a couple of years, but now the premier edition is coming to a PS4 near you. Lifeless Planet was created by Stage 2 Studios and is being published by Serenity Forge. One of the greatest things about this game, is that a portion of the PS4 sales will go towards science and education.Lifeless Planet

Sadly though, I have not played this game as of yet. My turn is coming this weekend and I will have a recap of it soon. It totally looks interesting and I’m excited for the Russian plot twists to come while playing this game.

Lifeless Planet

To find out more about Lifeless Planet, check out the official PS4 blog and official Lifeless Planet website.


Lifeless Planet:

To find out more about  Serenity Forge and Stage 2 Studios:

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