Lifeless Planet Indie Game Review

Lifeless Planet

I finally played Lifeless Planet for the PS4. This was my first time playing Lifeless Planet, even though I had seen demos of it before.
Lifeless Planet

The Game

In Lifeless Planet, you play an astronaut who was sent to a deserted planet on a mission of seeking new life. It took years for him and his crew to get there, yet when they got there the astronaut didn’t expect what happened to happen. Yet, he knew he wasn’t going to get back to Earth. He didn’t mind though, his wife was gone so he essentially had nothing left on Earth.

His craft crash landed on a planet and his crew was missing. Yet, while he looked for his crew on this seemingly lifeless planet, he didn’t expect to find a Russian colony there. Yet, he did. However, that’s just a portion of what he discovers in this seemingly lifeless planet.

Lifeless Planet

The Feels

There’s a lot of running while exploring this seemingly lifeless planet. Also, I really wasn’t much of a fan of the astronaut’s story. I would have been okay if he died there.

Yet, the strange alien woman who helps him out in this game is totally what grabbed my interest. When her feet touches the ground, moss covers the seemingly dead area. She’s able to control the killer vines when she touches them. Yet, she’s humanoid and wears clothing that the Russian colonists would have worn.

I have to admit though, my favorite part of Lifeless Planet has to be the very end minus the astronaut’s part in it. This woman is amazing. What she does is incredible and powerful and I adore her for it.

Overall, it’s an interesting game. It startled me at parts, well… actually scared me… I’m a wimp when I’m home alone at night with the lights off. Yet finding out the woman’s story is more than worth it.

For more information: and be sure to check out the premier edition on the PS4!

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