Life is Strange Out of Time Thoughts

Life is Strange Out of Time Thoughts

After playing the first episode of the five part series of Life is Strange, I had to keep going. I wanted to find out what truly happens when the storm comes, so I played episode 2. Here are my Life is Strange Out of Time thoughts.

The Story

After rekindling their friendship, Chole wanted to hang out with Max more to test Max’s powers. However before Max left the dorms, she realized that Kate was struggling, crying in the shower room. Kate at first didn’t really talk, but when Max overheard Victoria bullying Kate about a video when Max was in the shower, Max knew she needed to do something. After Max was done with her shower, I had her wipe off the website link that Victoria had left on the mirror in the bathroom, that links to the video.

I then had Max go talk to Kate. Turns out something happened to her. Kate went to a party hosted by the popular kids, she had a couple sips of red wine and then only water. She started to feel sick and Nathan Prescott told her that he would take her to the ER. She never made it to the ER and completely blacked out, most likely drugged. The video shows Kate making out with a bunch of people. Kate is a goody two shoes Christian girl who was mortified over this. Max promised to help her out but had to leave to go meet Chloe.

While hanging out with Chloe, there were other decisions Max had to make, like answering Kate’s phone call, shooting at the guy who Chloe owes money to, saving Chloe from getting run over by a train… That sort of deal. However, it’s after Max returns to school and finds Kate running off after talking to the photography teacher, Mr. Jefferson, that the drama goes crazy.

Kate finds herself up on the roof of the girl’s dorm and jumps off. It’s up to Max to save her. It’s at this point in time that Max discovers she can completely stop and move through time. However, for me, it wasn’t good enough. I couldn’t save Kate. I answered the question of her family wrong. After that and watching Kate die again, I even looked up if I could. The answer is yes. In which case, after I finish this run though I’ll be going back through this episode and re-doing it to where I save Kate. But it’s at this point where I finally got the principal to believe Max that something did happen between Nathan Prescott and Kate and that possibly Nathan brought a gun to school. Either way, he was suspended.

The Feels

Holy crap this is a drama filled game. It makes me feel so awkward and hated at the same time. Like, I’m legitimately afraid of Nathan and scared of screwing up with Chloe again. I consistently piss her off, but she is still okay with Max. Naturally, there are those little side comments that Chloe makes that are little jabs, but I wonder if she’s doing it to make Max feel bad and doesn’t truly feel that way. Plus, I save Chloe all the time so she owes me.

I wish there were things that I could say in this game, but there are no options to say those things. I know there’s a direct path you have to take to save Kate Marsh, but those wouldn’t be the things I would say to her to get her off of that ledge. Then again, due to my background, I’m trained to talk to people who are in a crisis effectively. That part was very painful for me, and yet I felt terrible.

There are also different things that I would like to do as well. David the security guard is weird, but I really do believe that he has good intentions. He wants to take down the corruption in the school, but he’s going through it in all the wrong ways. He’s treating the students like soldiers, talks to them like soldiers as well. That’s not how you talk to teenagers, they don’t respond to that well. They want emotion and to feel like they’re cared about. Yes, he shouldn’t have hit Chloe but she was smoking weed in his house and being disrespectful. Evidently, I do believe that David suffers from PTSD, but I believe his intentions are good. Teenagers are scary.

I’m still enjoying the story, even though the character interactions are setting off my anxiety and making me feel scared. Max is consistently threatened now, though text messages and vandalism in her room. It’s only going to get worse since I turned in Nathan for the Kate thing. I’m ready to start episode 3.


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