Life is Strange Polarized Thoughts

Life is Strange Polarized Thoughts

I finally finished the last episode of Life is Strange and I feel kind of empty inside. So, here are my thoughts on Life is Strange Polarized, and pretty much the entire game.

The Story

It turns out, the more you mess with time the more bad things begin to happen. Even though Max woke up in Mr. Jefferson’s dark room and found that he’s been the brains behind everything, and Nathan is just his lackey, Max still reverses time. She saves Chloe, turns Mr. Jefferson into the cops and she get’s the award for best picture and goes to San Francisco. However, the giant tornado still happens and destroys Arcadia Bay, killing Chloe once again.

Yet, as many times as Max goes back in time to change the outcome of what happens, the giant tornado still comes. In the end, it’s Chloe who tells Max that she either has to let Chloe die and save Arcadia Bay or saves Chloe and lets everyone in Arcadia Bay die. That’s the major choice of this game. No matter what happens, this is your last choice.

The Feels *spoilers*

I chose to save Chloe. With as many time as Max went back in time and with all the heartache, it would be a waste to kill Chloe now. To be honest, I didn’t attach to any of the other characters except for David in this game. However, it feels like every decision you made in this game did have consequences added onto it. What I learned about myself though, is that I would rather save someone I cared deeply about, than save a whole city that didn’t care about me. Also, don’t time travel.

I really didn’t expect the whole Mr. Jefferson plot twist, but it made sense afterward. It’s just, so creepy. I’m so glad I was one of those kids in high school who never stood out. This game was hard to play in bits and at parts felt like it went on forever. I did enjoy the experience and the story line though, even if it gave me anxiety. Learn from Max, if you end up with the ability to manipulate time, don’t do it.

Overall, if you’re looking for an experience that will make you feel something, you might enjoy Life is Strange. Though, I’m kind of upset that with all the choices you make you are only allowed given one choice in the end as if everything beforehand didn’t matter. I am however interested in playing the next game, Life is Strange: Before the Storm when it’s released at the end of this month.

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