Life is Strange Dark Room Thoughts

Life is Strange Dark Room Thoughts

It took me a few days to complete episode 4 of Life is Strange, but what happened at the end of this episode has me blown away. After freaking out a bit, I realized there were clues leading up to what had happened. Here are my thoughts on Life is Strange Dark Room.

The Story

After changing the events of the past, Max learned that changing time isn’t always the best thing to do. In this instance, since Chloe’s father didn’t die in the car accident, Chloe instead took his place. She was in a car accident instead and had lost all movement below the neck. Chloe also was not doing well what-so-ever. She knew that her parents struggled to make ends meet for her medical bills and on top of that, her lungs were failing. After a day of Chloe and Max hanging out, Chloe told Max that this was the best day she had in a long time and since she was dying, she wanted to die on a good day. With that, Max had the option to assist Chloe in suicide or to not. I chose to, but thankfully the story re-wound to the day of Chloe’s father’s death and Max didn’t stop him.

In the present, Max found herself in Chloe’s room with her blue hair working on the evidence they had found. They knew that they needed more information from Frank, so they headed to his RV. There, if things didn’t go a certain way everyone ended up angry and Frank ended up shot. However, after several times of re-winding, we left on peaceful terms with Frank helping Chloe and Max out as they search for what happened to Rachel. Frank even gave Chloe David’s gun back.

After returning back to Chloe’s house, they mapped out everything they found and with it, they discovered a strange barn owned by the Prescott family. After exploring the strange barn, they found an underground bunker stuffed with food and a photography studio in the back. However, it was what they found on the bookshelf that was truly disturbing. 

More Story

There were binders on the shelves, just like the ones in Mr. Jefferson’s classroom. These ones had names of females on them. There was a binder for Victoria that was empty and a binder for Kate that had inappropriate photos of Kate when she was unconscious. This was the answer that Kate was looking for. There was also a binder for Rachel. Inside this binder, they found pictures of her unconscious. Yet, it was the photo of Rachel being buried at the junk yard that finally got some answers to what had happened to her. 

Chloe and Max bolted to the junkyard and there they dug up the decomposing body of Rachel. Chloe broke down, they finally found what had happened to her and all signs pointed to Nathan. They knew that the Vortex Party was going down that night and that Victoria was Nathan’s next victim. They ran back to Blackwell and began looking for Nathan, Chloe had her gun and was planning to use it. I was able to sneak Max back into the VIP area for the Vortex Club and warned Victoria who believed Max’s warning. Max then found Chloe who had received a text from Nathan that he was going to destroy all the evidence.

Chloe and Max returned to the junkyard to find Rachel still underground. However, someone was there. Max was stabbed with a needle to the neck while Chloe took a bullet to the brain. I was unable to rewind, but the assailant was not Nathan Prescott, but Mr. Jefferson.

The Feels

At first, I was freaking out over the fact that all along Mr. Jefferson was part of this. The dashing teacher, who had all the girl’s hearts and all the talent. But it makes sense. There were little things all along in this story that should have had fingers pointing at Mr. Jefferson. Things like Kate being Mr. Jefferson’s aid and her running off and killing herself after talking to Mr. Jefferson. Things like Nathan freaking out about a dark room and thinking Rachel is alive when Max was wearing her clothes. More things like the binders in the underground bunker being just like the ones in Mr. Jefferson’s classroom.  That, and Victoria being chosen as the winner of the photo contest where she gets to go with Mr. Jefferson on a trip, and her name is on the binder in the bunker. Nathan is screwed up, but I think he was also a witness and traumatized by what had happened to Rachel. Yet no one believed him. Maybe he was a good student before all this happened.

I guess now, I will have to continue the story. It has completely dragged me in and I don’t know what’s going to happen and how Max is going to stop the storm. Maybe all along Max started the storm by Mr. Jefferson drugging her the first time, so much to the point where she gained the powers to reverse time and reversed time back to when she was in his class the first day this game started. Maybe it was by creating Max’s powers that it started all the anomalies. I guess, we will see. I can’t wait to see how this game ends.

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