Life is Strange Chaos Theory Thoughts

Life is Strange Chaos Theory Thoughts

There was more drama and time travel as I adventured forward into episode 3 of Life is Strange. I just have to thank my lucky stars that my high school experience wasn’t as drama filled as it is with Max. Here are my Life is Strange Chaos Theory Thoughts.

The Story

The night after Kate’s death, Max knew that she needed to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Chloe had a solution since she stole the keys to Blackwell from David, and figured they could break into the school to snoop around. They found that the principal’s office was completely locked up with no key in sight. Luckily, Max texted Warren who gave her instructions on how to make a pipe bomb to blow the door open. After that happened, Max was able to rewind time to where she was in the principal’s office and could unlock the door without blowing it open.

Inside, they found the student files. They found Kate’s, Nathan’s, Victoria’s, Max’s, Chloe’s and Rachel’s. Nathan’s, of course, was scrubbed clean due to his parent’s influence. Chloe looked on the computer and discovered more into Rachel’s disappearance. After snooping in the principal’s office, Chloe wanted to take a dip in the school pool. They both did and were almost caught. Luckily they were able to escape before getting caught, thanks to Max’s powers. They spent the night at Chloe’s house, and in the morning Max had a heart to heart with Joyce who gave her a picture of her with Chole that was taken right before Chloe’s dad passed away.

Chloe came downstairs and played interference and sent Max to snoop in the garage. Max was able to discover that David was doing surveillance on Rachel before her disappearance. She also discovered that Rachel was hanging out with Frank the town drug dealer a lot. Max was able to get back inside the house undetected by Joyce. Then, David came in and things became heated. I decided to have Max back Chloe in the argument and Max and Chloe left together.

More Story

Before going back to Blackwell, Max told Chole what she discovered between Frank and Rahcel. Frank’s RV was parked at the local diner, so Max and Chloe devised a plan to get the keys from Frank, to snoop around in his trailer. Max was able to use her powers to get the keys, however she talked a bit with Nathan who was at the diner too, about Rachel. He confirmed that Rachel was hanging out more with Frank than necessary.

While snooping in the trailer, Max found proof that Rachel and Frank were indeed together. This hurt and angered Chloe who drove Max back to school aggressively, after throwing Frank’s keys on the roof of the building next-door. After Max got back to Blackwell, she found herself looking at the picture Joyce had given her, of her and Chloe. She felt something weird happen and discovered that she could acually go back in time to that moment, where she ended up in her 13-year-old body.

It was the moment right before Chloe’s father’s death and she knew she could prevent Chloe’s father from dying, which she did. She awoke in present day where she was hanging with the cool kids, but had to run to see if she really did change the future. She found that David was now the bus driver and that Chole’s father was still alive. The tragedy here though, is that Chloe had lost all movement in her body and was stuck in a wheelchair.

The Feels

Didn’t Doctor Who teach us that if you change the past, it will cause a paradox in the future? Well, maybe that’s how the giant tornado comes to destroy Arcadia Bay and not just Chloe’s body. I’m really curious to see what happened to Rachel though. This is crazy how no one knows what happened to her or won’t talk about it. It’s funny though, Nathan legitimately was happy when he thought that Rachel was there beside him, only to discover that it was Max. So maybe there are more connections with Frank and Rachel than Nathan and Rachel. What’s going on in this crazy town?

I still don’t know if my David theory is correct though, that he’s actually a good guy going about it in the wrong way. Maybe surveillance is the only thing that he knows how to do correctly, though he failed at that when it came to Chloe and Max breaking into the pool. I don’t know what’s to come, but I’m worried. Maybe Nathan will come around and stop trying to destroy Max. We will see though. SO MUCH DRAMA! There are only two episodes left! ACK!

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