Life is Strange Chrysalis Thoughts

Life is Strange Chrysalis Thoughts

During the Steam summer sale, I picked up all five episodes of Life is Strange at a pretty good price. After the announcement of Life is Strange: Before the Storm at E3, I was interested in this series. I was able to get through the first chapter in one night. Here are my Life is Strange: Chrysalis thoughts.

The Game

In Life is Strange, you play as Maxine Caulfield. She’s an 18-year-old, aspiring photographer who’s a senior in high school. She left her mom and dad to attend her last year in high school at Blackwell Academy, which is in the town she grew up in before they all moved to Seattle. Weird things start happening to Max when she has a vision of a giant tornado heading for town. However, when she comes to, she realizes she’s in her photography class. You discover that Max is the quiet kid, filled with anxiety and doubt. Her photography teacher is trying to get her to submit one of her photos for a contest, however, she’s scared that it’s not up to anyone’s expectations.

After class, she heads to the bathroom to have a melt down and wash her face. While she’s in there, a beautiful blue butterfly comes flying in and lands on the cleaning supplies in the back of the bathroom. While she was taking a picture, Nathan Prescott one of the spoiled rich kids, came into the girl’s room freaking out. Soon, he was accompanied by a blue haired girl. They had a confrontation and Nathan ends up shooting the blue haired girl with a gun. It’s at that moment that Max finds that she can reverse time. She reverses time all the way back to when she was in her photography class. After feeling and experiencing what she just experienced, she proves to herself that she can in fact reverse time.

Max knows that she has to try to save the girl. After using her newly found powers several times, she’s able to save the girl right before she’s shot by setting off the fire alarm. Max is however confronted by the principal who she has to decide whether it is worth to tell him that Nathan had a gun or to keep silent. From there, Max makes decisions and problem solves with her powers. Yet, it’s towards the end of this first chapter that Max finally learns that there’s a huge storm headed their way, bringing a disastrous tornado to destroy the town and that her original vision is real.

The Feels *spoilers*

So far, I can relate to Max. She’s geeky, introverted and self-conscious. If I were 18 and in that universe, I would be as quiet and shy as she is. However, she’s trying to survive. Luckily she made one friend, Warren. I am really enjoying this game so far. The decisions you make affect things that happen in the future and you can reverse time to decide which option to go with. I am also really enjoying the story as well. I loved that the girl Max saved was her childhood best friend, Chloe. Plus, you can also decide to have Max try to build up her relationships with everyone at school, or destroy them. This does include Nathan who if you decided to tell the principal that he had a gun, Nathan will come after you.

However, I don’t know why Chloe opened up to Max so quick. It had been several years since Max left, and Max never reached out to Chloe when she was gone or when she got back. Chloe is naturally angry that Max never told her she was back, yet she automatically allows her into her house to fix her camera. I hate Chloe’s step-dad with a passion though. He’s a major dick.

Plus, I did think that Max would tell Warren first about her superpowers, but it ended up being Chloe after Max realizes that the Storm is real and it’s headed their way in a few days.  Or at least it was that way when I played the game. I don’t know if the story changes that much depending on the decisions you make. Naturally, Chloe doesn’t believe Max at first, but she does start to after it starts to snow even though its 80 degrees out. If you couldn’t tell, I really love this story and am excited to see where it goes. I’ll have to find out in chapter 2!

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