League of Legends Semi-Finals 2016

League of Legends Semi-Finals 2016

I may be a little overly excited, but NEW YORK I AM IN YOU! And I am ready for the League of Legends Semi-Finals 2016. I’ve never been to New York, in fact this is the furthest north I have ever been on the east coast. This is actually probably the furthest I’ve been away from home. I need to get out more.

Rox Tigers

Yet Friday is the start of the League of Legends Semi-Finals 2016 Worlds Championship. I am beyond ecstatic to be in New York. I mean, not only for the games but for the food as well. I’m a huge food lover of all types of food and I’ve heard New York City is the best place to get it.


Enough about food though, its making me hungry. I’m also in New York to see the four top teams face off against each other. The first day it’s SK Telecom vs Rox Tigers. The two finalists from last year get to face off against each other again at worlds, to see who will go to finals this year. It’s going to be intense yet awesome at the same time. I’m cheering for Rox Tigers in hopes that they can bring down SK Telecom. I’m crossing my fingers that Peanut will dominate like he did last week.


Second round is Samsung Galaxy vs H2K. Last week, Samsung crushed Cloud9 as H2K did the same to Albus NoX Luna. I was really cheering for the wildcard team, yet now I’ll be cheering for H2K. We will see who gets to go to finals.

In all, this is going to be quite the Semi-Finals and quite the adventure for me. My first live ESports. I’m super excited for it and can’t wait to see who will go to the finals next weekend in Los Angeles. GO ROX TIGERS!

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