League of Legends New York Experience

League of Legends New York

This past weekend, I flew out to New York City for the League of Legends Semi Finals. Let’s just say, I really can’t wait till the next League of Legends tournaments are going to be held in the United States again. That was so much fun. This is my League of Legends New York experience. 

The Semi Finals were held at Madison Square Gardens. Which is not square like Futurama has led me to believe. In fact, it’s round. However on the inside, it was huge and the perfect location for a League of Legends tournament. The entire stadium was filled with so many different people from so many different places.

League of Legends New York

Friday’s Game

I went to Friday’s game, SK Telecom vs ROX Tigers. It was intense, and pretty much magical. We got a full five games where ROX Tigers decided that at this moment, they were going to pull out their secret weapon. It was beautiful, it was a combo between Ashe and Miss Fortune. For two games, ROX Tigers were able to use this combo to totally though SKT off their game. It was so awesome.

 However, the fourth and fifth game SKT banned Miss Fortune. Sadly ROX Tigers didn’t have another backup after that and SKT beat them the last two games, earning their spot in the finals.

I know this is totally fan-girl, but poor little Peanut. He cried at the end when they lost. What was amazing though, that even though this was his first time going to Worlds, everyone started cheering for him and chanting his name. Automatically, that cute little smile came back. It was so cute and so totally worth everything. It was so refreshing being at a sporting event, and people cheering on both teams without much bias. I haven’t ever had that experience. I need to go to more ESports events methinks.

League of Legends New York

Saturday’s Game

I didn’t go to Saturday’s game of Samsung Galaxy vs H2K, I did sushi instead at a fancy restaurant. It was totally worth it. However I heard Samsung Galaxy totally dominated 3-0.

Overall, the League of Legends Worlds tournament was so much fun and so worth it. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to go and to meet so many amazing people. Now, I’m probably going to have to watch more tournaments and keep tabs on Peanut.

Yet this coming weekend, it will be two Korean teams in the finals. SK Telecom and Samsung Galaxy. I have a feeling that SKT will win Worlds for a third time in a row.

League of Legends New York

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