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I had the chance to play Kingdom, an RTS (Real Time Stagey) side scroller this past weekend after the hustle and bustle of Denver Comic Con. It was a good way to relax after a very busy and exhausting weekend.

The Game:

KingdomIn Kingdom you play a queen or a king trying to build a kingdom from the ground up. To do this, you have to make money and build things. You have to build walls to protect your kingdom and set up areas for your people who you essentially buy as well, to help you make money to buy and make better defenses with.

However, bad things happen at night. Creatures spawn from deep in the forest and come to attack you on both sides. The further you get in your days, the more hard it gets to defend your castle. Once they steal all your gold, they steal your crown and the game is over since you can’t be a queen or a king without a crown.

The Feels:

KingdomThis game is so much fun. You have to strategize what you want to purchase that round to see if you have enough for the next day to rebuild what the creatures destroyed, before they come back to try to destroy your Kingdom again. I played for about three hours in a row and it only felt like fifteen minutes. On top of that, the pixel art is beautiful and breathtaking at points. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

On top of that, my boyfriend played this right before me. I was actually napping when he purchased it and played it. He only lasted 25 days before his crown was stolen. I lasted 10 more days after that and was chased into the forest by the creatures before they stole all my money and my crown. It was sad, but I can’t wait till I can get back on the horse and build my Kingdom again.

Over all, this game was so much fun. I highly enjoyed and want to play it again and again. You can find Kingdom on Steam.

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