Why I Keep Going Back to Stardew Valley

Why I keep Going Back to Stardew Valley

Do you ever have those days where all you want to do is something that is familiar? Even something that is routine when you feel like life is chaotic? This is part of the major reason why I keep going back to Stardew Valley.

I know it’s a video game, but it’s something that calms my nerves after a rough week. Even though I hate the fact that the little version of myself in Stardew Valley makes more money than I do in real life. I mean, she makes around 6000 – 8000 gold a day, and that’s not doing anything special. However, it’s that stability that I find enjoyable. For me, I can live though my character in this stable world that actually has some magical properties to it.

Plus, I get to have a horse in this world and a tiny family. I get to throw my kid into the air without CPS on my case. Mind you I would never do that in real life.  Yet, when I get bored of the mundane activities of milking cows, sheering sheep and harvesting crops I can still go on an adventure down in the mines. I get to fight monsters and mine precious minerals and gems.

I guess, the real reason why  I keep going back to Stardew Valley is that this world is stable. Right now, there’s so much negativity in the world that I just really want to escape into something that’s safe. Stardew Valley is totally a safe place for me, one I will continue going back to. Plus, there’s so much to do there still. It’s not really a game that ends until you say it does. Either way, I love Stardew Valley.

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