Junkertown Overwatch Announcement

Junkertown Overwatch Announcement

The Overwatch maps have taken us to places like Nepal, Ilios, and Route 66. Just yesterday though, Blizzard announced a new map that will soon be released. This map is called Junkertown.


Junkertown is in the Austrailian Outback. This is where Junkrat and Roadhog come from. It’s got a Mad Max, post apocalyptic feel to it, mostly since its location is a barren wasteland and the entire town is created out of things that you would find in a junkyard. It also seems to be full of criminals and bandits, especially since this is where Junkrat and Roadhog are from. The sign for Junkertown confuses me though, it looks like something from Toontown instead of a bunch of criminals creating it.

Though our two heroes, Junkrat and Roadhog find themselves on the outside of Junkertown, having to break in. After stealing the Queen of Junkertown’s money and blowing up her summer home, they were kicked out. Now, Junkrat is looking for revenge and Roadhog is along for the ride.

It seems that in this map, you’re escorting a payload full of money and jewels. Except, this payload comes with an explosive surprise. I’m not sure if this is a fighting map yet or not. We will see what exactly this map brings closer to when they release it.

I’m excited though. They released two videos yesterday for one of my favorite games announcing Junkertown. I wonder if we will be able to see this Queen of Junkertown in any upcoming videos or even if she’ll be a new character. She sounds bad a** though!

The new Overwatch videos can be found below.


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