Jetpack Bear Early Access on Game Jolt

Jetpack Bear Early Access on Game Jolt

Game Jolt is an excellent place to look for new and upcoming indie games. One that happens to be popular right now is Jetpack Bear which is currently out on early access for free.

The Game

You are a bear and your goal is to collect the beehives. However, the beehives are hard to get to, for just a normal bear. Luckily our bear has a jetpack which he uses to fly past vines and other obstacles that might get in his way. Find and collect the beehives and make it to the end so your bear with a jetpack can move on to the next level.

The Feels

It’s wonderful to find little games like this. Something silly and simple to help you pass time with. Plus, Jetpack Bear was made for Bear Jam, an annual event created by the users of Game Jolt. Mind you, Jetpack Bear is still in early access. My only complaint is that the controls for the jetpack are not the tightest. Especially when you’re trying to catch yourself from falling, there is a bit of delay when you start it back up. Yet it’s free and I really enjoyed my time playing Jetpack Bear, trying to be a perfectionist and get all the beehives. Plus, the bear is really cute and looks very intense.

Overall, I highly suggest checking out the games on Game Jolt. You’ll never know which treasures you will find.

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