Japanese School Life an Indie Game Review

Japanese School Life

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be an exchange student in Japan? When I was a teen, I was obsessed with Japanese culture and this would have been a dream come true! Now there’s a new game out there that can help you live out that fantasy while learning about Japanese culture called Japanese School Life!

Japanese School Life

The Game

Japanese School Life is a visual novel that follows a foreign exchange student named Brian. Brian is in love with the Otaku culture and wanted to be immersed in it. Thus, he took an adventure and became a foreign exchange student. However, he didn’t realize how much he would learn from this experience.

Plus, Brian didn’t expect to make friends right away. Luckily two of the girls in his class, Chiyoko and Arisa decided to make friends with him. From there, they take Brian to all the places he wants to explore and teaches him about Japanese lifestyle and culture.

Japanese School Life

The Feels

I admit, back in the day I was totally a weeaboo. I watched any anime that I could get my hands on and read any manga I had access to. Even though I got older and fell more into comic books, I still have always had a curiosity for Japanese culture. I still really want to go to Japan, especially since I’ve never been there.

Playing Japanese School Life really re-lit that fire in me to start saving up enough money to go to Japan. It’s fun learning about the different festivals and foods they enjoy. The fact that they can get so many different things at a convenience store blows my mind. When I think of convenience store, I think of a gas station where the hot dogs have been on the rollers for 10+ hours. Yet that’s all I know.

Japanese School Life

However, I didn’t realize that the Japanese also eat Zongzi, aka sticky rice dumplings in America. Which are some of my most favorite Chinese traditional foods, and are made for celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival. So, when Chiyoko and Arisa were explaining where Zongzi came from, I had already heard the story from my other half. I thought it was pretty cool they threw that in there.

So, if you’re wanting to learn more about Japan in the form of a Anime-like visual novel, Japanese School Life would be fun for you! Check it out!

For more info: https://sekaiproject.com/products/japanese-school-life/

Japanese School Life

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