Interview: The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty

Interview: The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty

Recently I was able to interview the writer and creator of The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty, Niall Presnall. This is a new comic book series that is on Kickstarter right now, trying to get it’s rockets to boost it across the galaxy. This series is about a female thief named Vyvy, who travels the galaxy with her best friend, a robot named Qwerty. I can’t image the trouble that those two are going to get themselves into.

The Space Heist of Vyvy and QwertyPewPewCat: What was the inspiration behind The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty?

Niall Presnall: I was basically just writing it as practice, concentrating on short, 8 page stories. As I kept going though, I realized I really liked what I was writing and decided it had to be something more. I got the name “Vyvy” from someone I knew in middle/high school, and Carlos and I both have a lot of love for Star Wars, which probably shines through really blatantly. 

PPC: What do you love most about this series?

NP: The relationship between Vyvy and Qwerty. They’re like a dysfunctional tag team comprised of a couple rejects that never stop bantering. That and tricking people into thinking this is a comedy book and then hitting them with the unexpected feels. 

PPC: How long is The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty projected for?

NP: The simplest answer here is “as long as possible.” I want it to be an ongoing series, but I do have a very clear end in sight. I just want to take a while to get there. The first arc is five issues long, but it’ll probably raise more questions than it answers. I’m working on writing issue six right now, which is a fun mix of them being horribly depressed because of the events in issue five, and them robbing a zoo. 

PPC: What inspired you into creating comic books?

NP: Well, when I was five, my serious choice for a career path was “grow up to be Nightcrawler” so this is really just a logical progression in unrealistic dreams.

The Space Heist of Vyvy and QwertyPPC: Besides helping out the creation of “The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty,” what other incentives does a person who donates receive? 

NP: Well, luckily it’s more of a purchase than a donation. We’ve reached our goal, so everyone that’s pledging money will receive something. In fact, if we raise just under $300 more at the time of writing this, we’ll reach our first stretch goal and everyone who pledged $25 or more will get a physical copy of the comic. Aside from that, no matter your pledge level, you’ll get a PDF of the comic and your name in the “thank you” section. We have some really cool rewards lined up too, including a PDF “art book” with our process work, stickers, signed prints, and higher level pledges can get their portrait drawn. There were a limited number of spots where you could be drawn into the book, but those are all taken now (thanks mom!) and if you’re really in love with us, you can get an original page from the comic drawn by Carlos Trigo. 

To find out more information on The Space Heists of Vyvy and Qwerty, and join their Kickstarter you can find it at the link below! 


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