Interview: RedVonix creator of A Purrtato Tail

A Purrtato Tail:

A Purrtato Tail is an upcoming indie game which in the process of being made. It’s the story of Pixel, the queen of the Purrtatoes who is half cat, half Potato. One fateful night, something fell from the sky and crashed right into her castle. From there, Pixel has to solve puzzles in order to save the day. I had a chance to play a demo of this super adorable game and am curious to find out more. So, I decided to interview the creator, RedVonix.

A Purrtato TailPewPewCat: What inspired you to create A Purrtato Tail?

RedVonix: I walked into my bedroom one day and saw Strahd – my biggest and fluffier cat – curled up like a big black warm tater. I said, “Strahd, you look like a big Purrtato!”. I suddenly felt I had an idea there and originally started producing a stage based puzzle game. After GDC 2016 however, I had some inspiration to make it a Metroidvania, with the same puzzle mechanics and adapted the story and game into something much larger.

PPC: What is your ultimate goal for A Purrtato Tail?

RV: Remember those kids cartoons from the 80s? Where it was fun and friendly but things got super dark and had some adult humor sprinkled throughout? I want the final game to feel like that. Something that different age groups can play and all get something different out of, while at its core being a solid Metroidvania puzzle title.

PPC: What do you enjoy most about A Purrtato Tail?

RV: I personally enjoy thinking about the overarching story, and many of the little plot elements that will only be noticeable to the players who search every corner of the game. Aside from that, I actually really enjoy the character linking game-play. During play-test sessions, I tend to spend far too much time linking characters together and seeing what I can do with that ,and what I would like to be able to do.

PPC: Do you have a rough estimated projected time for when A Purrtato Tail is to be released?

RV: Currently aiming for a mid 2017 release.

A Purrtato Tail

PPC: What originally got you into game design?

RV: I’ve always been interested in entertainment. When I was a young kid I wanted to be a stage magician, and then a film actor. I took acting classes, but eventually found a deep love of video games and realized as a game designer/developer, I could be a magician and an actor, and anything else I cared to be. And in the end, games always give me the career I love the most – entertainment.

PPC: Are there any other project that you have worked on?

RV: I’ve been doing this for 15 years, so I’ve got many projects I’ve worked on, both critical failures and award winning successes. Most recently I have been producing a game for Steve Aoki andworking with Glass Bottom Games, Interabang Entertainment and Rocketcat Games on some of their upcoming titles. I also am doing programming on the Jay and Silent Bob game and toying around with a few of my own other projects.

I’m excited for all the things that A Purrtato Tail has to offer! For more information on this kitty filled potato adventure you can find it on their website!



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