Interview: Jordan Gaither of Apocalyptee

Interview: Apocalyptee

On my adventures across the land of Twitter, my journeys led me to find Apocalyptee. Now, Apocalyptee is an awesome tee-shirt shop with fan art of all your geeky fandoms. To find out more, I talked to Jordan the creator of Apocalyptee! Check it out!

ApocalypteePewPewCat: What is Apocalyptee all about?

Jordan Gaither: We’re all about geek- and nerd-focused tees (there’s a difference), printed super-high-quality on ridiculously comfy tees for a fair price. Plus, charity and eco-conciousness. 

Apocalyptee is actually just me, Jordan Gaither, with occasional help from outside artists. I love (I mean, LOVE) printed tees, but I could never seem to find good ones for my favorite franchises. All the games, movies and TV shows I loved had little or no stuff I could wear and that…well, that was just unacceptable.

So, I decided to do it myself. I started designing tees after work for fun and selling them on Etsy. After a few designs got popular, I decided to brand and launch

It was rocky at first, but since I’ve managed to streamline the whole thing quite a bit, I’m able to focus on making Apocalyptee not just a great tee site, but a responsible one, too. 

My tees are shipped in 100%-recycled kraft mailers, I print on-demand to avoid the carbon footprint of large runs, and a tee gets donated to charity for every tee purchased.

My entire goal is for my customers to be stoked to wear my tees, because they’re awesome AND because it means you did something good for the world. 🙂

PPC: What makes Apocalyptee different than other tee sites?

JG: Mostly what I said above. I may be a smallish newcomer, but I bring Apocalypteethe quality in a big, big way, while contributing clothing to people who need it and sidestepping my carbon footprint as much as possible. It may not be the coolest thing ever, but I’m pretty happy about it.

PPC: What are some of the products you carry?

JG: I started with tees only, but I’ve recently branched out into hoodies, kid’s clothing and tank tops, and will be adding posters and phone cases soon.

I try to stay topical with my designs, focusing on currently-popular games, movies and TV shows. However, I keep a regularly-updated backlog of ‘classic’ designs from cult favorites like Bioshock, Borderlands, Ghostbusters, Attack on Titan, etc. 

Funnily-enough, my Borderlands ‘Butt Stallion Says ‘Hello'” design is far and away my best seller ever. I’d love to get everyone who ever bought one together for a massive group picture one day. 

PPC: What are some of your favorite products?

JG: My philosophy when it comes to tee design is “you gotta make yourself laugh”. The ‘Baypuft’ design by Joan Coleman made me laugh myself right out of my office chair, and the ‘Murder of Crows’ design I created (my first tee ever) remains one of my best-looking to date.

I’ve actually got a few new designs coming up in the pipeline soon that I think might just take over as my favorite designs, though. I’m excited. 

ApocalypteePPC: What incentive does the reader get if they order now?

JG: I’m always doing discounts and giveaways through my various partners, but as of this exact moment, my newly-launched site is doing free shipping for the first 50 purchases. Use the code NEWSITE10 at checkout to get it!

Otherwise, buying from Apocalyptee nets you a sweet, tagless tee, shipped in a 100% recycled mailer, a handful of random, hilarious free stickers, and a charitable donation made in your name. What else could you possibly want for spending $20? 

To check out all the different shirt designs to see which one is the perfect fit for you, you can find the link below! Happy t-shirt shopping! 

Apocalyptee website:

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