Inside Indie Game Review *spoilers*


I finally got the chance to play Inside, a game I’ve been looking forward to playing since I played Limbo. It’s the highly anticipated followup to a game that was ahead of it’s time when it came out. Admittedly, I have been excited for this game since I first heard about it after playing Limbo.


The Game

Just like Limbo, Inside is a 2D puzzle platformer where the character can only go forward. The only time he can go backwards is when he’s trying to solve a puzzle to get out of where he’s at. These puzzles are sometimes not the most ethical and not the most evident.

On top of that, this game freaked me out several times while playing. No one likes to be chased, especially when their life is on the line. This includes the character you play. I mean, if the human men catch you, they snap your neck. If the dogs catches you, they chomp you in half. Yet if the machines catch you, they harpoon you. Luckily, when you die you don’t go back far.


The Feels

Inside was everything I could have wanted and more. The art was absolutely beautiful. It’s hard to describe a world ran by heartless people and machines to be beautiful, yet this art truly was. Each detail was amazing. The eerie lights in the background freaked me out. On top of that, the mechanics were flawless. When I screwed up on a move, I knew it was me and not the game. They moved so nicely that I had a great time and didn’t get flustered. Instead I could focus on the puzzle at hand.

Plus, the story line, there’s no dialog. I didn’t have a clue what was going on and even at the end I didn’t know what was going on. All i knew is that somehow this boy knew that there was this giant monstrous thing waiting for him to join them. I have no clue what happened, but I like it. It keeps me in the world longer just pondering what would have happened. Plus, long creepy hair girls were creepy.

Either way Inside is more than worth it to play. If you liked Limbo, you will like Inside.


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