I’m So Excited for Felicia Day to Be at Denver Comic Con

Felicia Day to Be at Denver Comic Con

Even though I’m a heterosexual female, doesn’t mean I can’t have a girl crush. Though, my┬átop girl crush has to be Felicia Day. I’m so excited for Felicia Day to be at Denver Comic Con.

Felicia Day first stole my hear in Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. In it, she played the love interest, Penny. She was the shy, awkward social worker who won the heart of the bad guy and the good guy. However, I knew that I had seen her before, which was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, another Joss Whedon title.

After that, Felicia Day went off to create the Guild. Which spoke to gamers and nerds everywhere. By then, I had a major crush on her. Back in 2012 I saw her and the entire Guild cast at Dragon Con in Atlanta. She was smaller than expected, but I still admired her.

From there, she played Charlie in Supernatural. I almost cried while writing that. Those who watched Supernatural would understand.

Yet, though all of her acting she also found time to create her own memoir called “You’re Never Weird on the Internet (Almost)”. When I read this book, I realized that she deals with some of the things I do. She has high anxiety, and self doubt. Which are things that I suffer from greatly. Yet, if she can act, create her own awesome website (Geek and Sundary) and write a book… Maybe I can accomplish something someday as well.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, is that I admire her because she’s like me in some regard but has found a way to become successful. Which is what I can only strive for. She’s more like a role model for me and I’m so excited to meet her again. I really want her to autograph my copy of her book.

Either way, I’m so excited for Felicia Day to be at Denver Comic Con 2017.

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