Hollow Knight Indie Game First Thoughts

Hollow Knight

I finally got the chance to play Hollow Knight. This was a game that I had purchased during the Steam Summer Sale, and now I finally played it.

The Game

In Hollow Knight, you play a character called Hollow Knight. You stumble upon an empty village called Dirtmouth where there is only the Elderbug left. He tells you that the entire town had gone into an underground cavern where a city used to flourish. It was a beautiful city but something happened. Elderbug warns you that the mist in the underground caverns turns everyone crazy and to be aware of this.

Off you adventure into the underground caverns to explore. Down there, you start to find residents of Dirthmouth. Some of them still sane who can help you, but most of them are consumed by the mist and are now your enemy. Fight your way through the underground city to find it’s secrets.

The Feels

This game is extremely beautiful. The art is so clean and stunning I couldn’t get it. I love how even though the characters are very cartoon-like, it still portrays a sense of sadness and danger in this dark and gloomy world. Just for the art, I love this game. On top of it, the music is amazing as well. It’s very classy and calming yet sad at the same time. It’s perfect for the world of Hollow Knight.

My only complaint is how hard this game is. When you start off, you don’t know how much health the enemy characters have, especially the bosses. You think you defeated one boss and instead it was just another enemy. The real boss you have to defeat a rather large enemy in order to get to it without saving. It frustrated me so bad I rage quit and didn’t try it out again for a while. I did finally get past that part though.

I will attempt to continue my way through this game. I really want to know the secrets of this underground city and see where this adventure takes Hollow Knight. It’s such a beautiful game.

For more info: http://hollowknight.com/


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