Happy 1st Anniversary Overwatch

Happy 1st Anniversary Overwatch

May 23rd marked the 1st anniversary for Overwatch. This extremely popular game has not only won over millions of fans, but also won the Game of the Year award at the Game Developers Conference. All I can say is, happy 1st anniversary Overwatch!

It’s been a crazy year of me losing hours of my productive life playing Overwatch. Mind you, I wouldn’t give a second of that up. I love Overwatch. I love the characters, I love the game play, I even love escorting the payload. For me, it’s an all around fun and exciting game. I live for the events, the new skins and emotes.

In celebrating this anniversary, the awesome developers have come out with new things for this joyous occasion. They made new skins for some of the characters and dancing emotes for all of the characters. Plus, they added in three new arena maps to the 3v3 elimination matches in the Arcade.

Naturally, one of my new favorite skins released for this event has to be D.Va’s. This time, it’s a 50’s pinup style that is super cute yet sexy at the same time. I really hope to get this skin, or I will hunt for gold to buy it. It’s so cute! Something I’d love to cosplay too!

Yet, what steals the show are the new dancing emotes. That’s right, every character got one. Even Reaper dances with this new emote. I’ve seen videos on reddit where people have put the Overwatch dance moves to song and it’s absolutely fantastic. So much fun.

Either way, happy 1st anniversary Overwatch! Here’s to many more years and many more emotes and skins to be released. Happy playing!


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