Gravity Falls Obsession

Gravity Falls Obsession

I need a break from crazy filled drama games. I love them, but sometimes I get overwhelmed. That’s why I’m going to blog about one of my favorite shows, Gravity Falls.

The Show

Dipper and Mabel are 12-year-old twins who were sent to live with their great uncle Stan for the summer. What seems to be a boring summer in the middle of nowhere Oregon called Gravity Falls, turns out to be quite the opposite. Gravity Falls is filled with magic, mystery, and boys that keep the twins busy. You never know what’s going to happen in Gravity Falls.

The Feels

Gravity Falls is only two seasons long but happens to be one of my favorite shows out there. Dipper is the serious twin, looking for magic and mystery while Mabel helps him or is going crazy over boys. However, its the actual┬ácharacters that made me love this show so much. Dipper might be serious in certain situations, you find his limitations especially when it comes to Wendy. However, he’s very attached to finding out the truth to any situation even if it puts them in danger.

Meanwhile, you have Mabel. She’s the kindest, the most sweet-hearted innocent kid who always says things that I have thought internally. I mean, when given the choice to choose anything out of her Gruncle Stan’s shop, she chooses a grappeling hook. It’s the funniest thing and maybe someday it does come in handy. Plus, her sweater assortment is amazing. Then you have Gruncle Stan who is always up for a scam. Yet, the further you go into this story the more the characters develop and the story develops. The characters change and at the same time keep the special things that made their characters so awesome.

I love Gravity Falls and I’m so sad that there is only two seasons. Yet, these two seasons were so good on days when I’m feeling down, they’re the first things I go to. If you’re looking for a good kids show to watch, go watch Gravity Falls. You won’t regret it. Also, there’s a pig named Waddles and he’s awesome. GO WATCH! DO IT!

One thought on “Gravity Falls Obsession

  1. This show is so bright and powerful! It has good continuity unlike many other cartoons, and fluid character development. The plot is very interesting to follow along to as well. The comedy sprinkled throughout the episodes combined with the hint of seriousness many scenes bring create a beautiful master-piece that bring people to tears by the end. I love this show so much!

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