Glass Masquerade Indie Game Review

Glass Masquerade

It’s always nice to find a indie game where you can truly unwind while playing it. That’s how it felt when I played Glass Masquerade, yet it isn’t solely due to the clocks. Let me guess, not punny?

The Game

In Glass Masquerade, you put together stained-glass clocks. They’re essentially puzzles, that you build into a clock. The player gets to travel all around the world to put together these clocks. Yet each clock is distinctly of the area that you have traveled to. Such as, the USA is of the Statue of Liberty in New York, Great Britain is a piece that honors the Great Sherlock Holmes.

The pieces of stained-glass comes scattered apart on outer rings, and it is up to you to put this clock face back together. You are also timed while completing this task.

The Feels

Ever since I was a small child, I’ve always enjoyed stained-glass. From the stained glass windows in old churches, to the tiny bits of stained glass I have hanging in my windows. It’s something that my mother and I have shared an interest in. I’ve always been a fan.

On top of that when I was younger, one of my favorite past times was building puzzles with my grandparents. When winter came around, the dining room table was always filled with a giant, thousand piece puzzle to put together. It was always an activity that my mom, brother, grandparents, cousin, aunt and I would enjoy immensely. It brought us all together.

Having two things that reminds me of the good parts of my past is very nostalgic. Mix it together with calming music, you’ve got something that I could randomly find myself doing. Glass Masquerade is totally a game I can find myself going back to, trying to revive the calm feelings the good ol’ days, before I became an adult with responsibility. If you enjoy puzzles, you may enjoy this game as well.

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