Geek Fashion Pt 4: Interview Fashion

I have found that my life is constantly changing. It’s okay though, I welcome change. If anything, I’ll eventually enjoy it. I’ve found that writing keeps me sane. I have also found myself in need of doing interviews. I realized that there’s nothing wrong with being geeky and fashionable, while looking professional. That’s why I decided to go though my favorite fashion blog, Fandom of Fashion to bring you my favorites of the interview fashion.

Interview Fashion

Interview Fashion

This first look is an adorable collection inspired by Howl Pendragon from the Miyazaki film, Howl’s Moving Castle. It starts off with black skinny jeans that is both comfortable and classy at the same time. It then is topped off with a cream silk blouse with a pleated yoke giving it an elegant feminine look. Top it of with adorable cute black velvet ankle boots that are again both comfortable and classy looking. Accessorize with a feather ring and earrings and a necklace that gives the feeling of movement and you’ve got yourself a classy outfit perfect for any interview. To find this interview fashion, click here.

interview fashion

My next choice is from the Avatar the Last Airbender collection by Fandom of Fashion. Start this look off with a blue, Aztec printed tunic with a cute little belt at the waist. Pair with a knit light blue open cardigan to class this look up. Pair with cute healed ankle boots to give it more of an earthy feel. Accessorize with blue and gold jewelry to add a little sparkle to the look. This is a cute look to go to an interview with to look cute yet professional. It also works for a back to school fashion. Find this look here.

Interview Fashion

This collection was inspired by Marvel’s, Thor. Start off with a gray sleeveless bow tie organza blouse. Add a jersey burgundy waterfall cardigan, a blue pleated skirt and cute little black ankle boots. Finish it off with accessories that sparkle to bring a little bling to the outfit. This outfit would be perfect for a receptionist interview, saying you’re fun and classy at the same time. You can find this collection here.

These are some cute ideas to show off your geeky fandoms while still being professionally dressed for an interview with that perfect job. Remember, you can always mix and match as well!


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