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Fandom Fashion

As I have said before, I’m a huge fan of fashion, especially geek fashion. Fashion is apart of the world we live in. So why don’t we make the most of it by mixing fashion with our favorite fandoms? One of my favorite things to do on Pinterest is to look at all the mashups people have made between clothing and their favorite fandoms which has been dubbed as Fandom Fashion.

Doctor Who

This first collection is inspired by the British Science Fiction show, Doctor Who. After following the links from Pinterest, I found that this collection was put together by Fandom of Fashion. After you find the outfit you want, you can click a link that will take you to Polyvore, which contains links to each piece in the collection.

Fandom Fashion

This first collection is actually inspired by the TARDIS from Doctor Who. It starts off with a cerulean-blue flair dress, which means it flairs out from the waist. It is then paired with a cute purple and blue galaxy patterned flat. I’m a fan of the flat since it doesn’t hurt your feat as much. It is then matched with a blue wrapped watch, galaxy earrings and a TARDIS key. All of these items can be found on ETSY. Top it off with a galaxy printed clutch and you’ve got yourself an adorable TARDIS inspired collection. You can find this TARDIS collection at Polyvore.

Avatar: the Last Airbender

I love Avatar the Last Airbender, so when I saw that Fashion of Fandoms had a whole collection for Avatar, I had to look. One of my favorites was inspired by the Water Tribe. If I had to choose between the different powers in the Avatar world, I would choose water bending for it’s healing and blood bending properties.

Fandom Fashion


In this collection we have another blue dress, but this time it has an elasticated waistband and an embroidered hem. The fit of the dress reminds me of what Katara wore in the early years of the Avatar series. Match with a brown simple flat to give it an earthy feel. When it comes to jewelry, find things that reminds you of the color or movement of water or ice. The example of the bracelet and the clutch tones down the water and grounds with with an earthy feel. It’s a perfect collection of items for any water bender out there. To find this collection you can go to Polyvore as well.

Deep down, I’m a geeky gamer girl who loves fashion too. The great part about these two collections, is you can find items similar to the the ones displayed and substitute them from something similar. One of these days, I’ll have a day job that would allow me to dress in something like these collections… Until that day, I’ll just dream.

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