Futurama Game of Drones Review

Lately, I have thrown myself into the world of the mobile games which also includes Futurama’s Game of Drones. What else do people do when they are bored or looking for a way to help one’s insomnia? I mean, I may immerse myself into the wonder that is the mobile game. Or is that just me? It may just be me.

IMG_6401Anyways, a few months ago Futurama released it’s Game of Drones mobile app game. I needed something to help me unwind at the end of a stressful day and I was happy to find something that was related to one of my favorite TV shows. Well actually it was my youngest brother who told me to download Futurama’s Game of Drones.

Essentially this game has you connect four or more helper droids at a time to beat the level’s challenge. It’s essentially a branded Bejeweled with a story line. You travel in the Planet Express ship to your next destination where you solve the puzzle to move forward while randomly getting help from the main characters of Futurama.

For me, the game actually helped trick my brain into sleep mode. By playing Game of Drones, it helped trick my brain into relaxing. IMG_6400Is it fun? If you’re into puzzle games, specifically those that involve connecting four or more things together in a challenging way then yes. It’s also good if you’re looking for something to just wind down from the day that includes a helpful distraction from Bender.

I actually love seeing the characters and playing along side the small story line that’s included in Futurama’s Game of Drones. I am a big fan of Futurama and love to see this journey continue forward. Plus, anything involving Bender Bending Rodriguez will continue to have my attention. What’s not to love about alcoholic kleptic robots?

Are you looking for a fun, challenging match four puzzle game? Futurama’s Game of Droids may be for you.


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