Free Comic Book Day

This past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, a day where one could go into their local comic book shop and look at the selection of free comics that were apart this year’s selection. Even though the weather was a cloudy and rainy, people still put on their rain jackets and galoshes and made it through the not so awesome weather in Colorado, to their local comic book shops.

fcbdlogoI ended up bringing a couple of my video game developer friends to Time Warp Comics in Boulder to celebrate this joyous occasion for geeks like me. For them though, they were completely out of their comfort zone… Or at least two of them were. The other one ended up buying the Watchmen comic book.

For me, Free Comic Book Day is a wonderful way to bond with my non comic book collecting friends while reconnecting with old ones. I didn’t know how my friends would react with their first Free Comic Book Day, but they surprised me and actually really loved it. One even found a comic book series that he may start to collect.

I can’t blame them though, there’s always so much to see when you go to Time Warp Comics and when you add in the excitement of Free Comic Book Day? It’s a perfect outing. Plus, Time Warp Comics is my favorite comic book shop out there. You go in and it’s wall-to-wall comics and statues. I always go in and look at the amazing statues and pine over characters that I want to sit on my desk, but can’t afford to have. I may torture myself too often. Someday though, someday.

Yet, my favorite part of this year’s Free Comic Book Day was the ability to see the joy on my friends’ faces as they walked New-Store-Logo-1174x338into Time Warp Comics. They weren’t expecting it to be so interactive. Yet there were cosplayers there to take pictures with and artists there, signing and drawing things. One of my friends even decided to purchase his first comic book and bought the whole collection of The Secret Service individual comics since he is a fan of the movie Kingsmen the Secret Service.

All in all, it was a fun day catching up with old friends and giving new experiences to my newer ones. If it weren’t for Free Comic Book Day, I don’t think I could have gotten my game developer friends to go, but look at the fun they had. Each one of them benefited from it. Thank you Time Warp Comics for another amazing Free Comic Book Day.

Thank you Time Warp Comics for this amazing event and thank you Z for the photos!


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