Four Sided Fantasy Indie Game Review

Four Sided Fantasy

Today you can get Four Sided Fantasy on Steam for both PC and Mac, and you can also get it on the PS4 as well. It’s a game that will the defy the limits of your screen making you think outside of your limitations. Its created by the folks at Ludo Land and produced by Serenity Forge.

Four Sided Fantasy 2

The Game

In this game you play a man and a woman who are separated by the limitations of the screen. By using the wrap around feature, to solve puzzles and continue forward. Also by using the wrap around feature, it changes perspectives between the man and the woman.

Four Sided Fantasy

At first the perspective between the man and woman are the same, however as you progress it changes. At times, the man will be on the ceiling while the female will be on the floor. You have to switch between the two and try to avoid the black and white static that will make you start over. Other times, the woman’s perspective is in the background while the man’s perspective is up front. It’s crazy trying to wrap your head around the wrap feature.

Four Sided Fantasy 3

The Feels

If you love puzzle games, this game would be perfect for you. It’s a mix between Braid and Portal but is simple enough to understand the basic controls. It’s all about puzzle solving to get your character to continue forward to the right side of the screen. I’m not the biggest fan of puzzle games, but this one I had fun with. It was awesome when I solved puzzles easily that stumped my other half. *Insert evil laugh here.* However there were some where he solved them quicker than I did.

Four Sided Fantasy 4

Overall, Four Sided Fantasy is a fun little puzzle game. People who I have seen play the demo loved it. It can be a challenge, but just remember to always think outside of the box. You never know what’s going to work.



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