Fire Emblem Heroes Mobile Game

Fire Emblem Heroes

Lately I have been getting bored of the mobile phone games that I have. Then again, all I have is the¬†Futurama phone game where it’s practically the same puzzle over and over. Thus my significant other finally convinced me to get Fire Emblem Heroes on my phone.

The Game

I’ve never played any of the Fire Emblem games before, yet my significant other is obsessed with them. Lately his obsession has been over the mobile phone game, Fire Emblem Heroes. Yet he wished to have someone to talk to about this game. That’s where I come in.

In Fire Emblem Heroes, you are summoned to this world that is in chaos. You must save this world. To do this, you summon heroes to fight for you. By strategically placing your heroes and telling them when to fight and heal, you you fight enemies and gain orbs, feathers or shards. This helps you in the game.

Plus, your characters level up. When you gain enough orbs, you get to summon new heroes. Which is awesome, because you never know who in the Fire Emblem Universe you may get.

The Feels

Since downloading this free mobile game, I’ve been glued to it. Maybe I should play more Fire Emblem. Right now, I spend a lot of time leveling up my characters along with hunting orbs to get new characters. I love looking at all the new characters and their costumes. The drawings are so pretty!

Plus, the actual fighting enemies is fun as well. There are some characters that I hate when it comes to fighting, like Henry and Matthew but there are some that I love like Marth, Camilla and Catria. Maybe one day Catria will be a cosplay.

Either way, I’m addicted. The game is free to play but has in app purchases you can make! It’s really pretty too!

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