Fire Emblem Heroes Bridal Blessings Event

Fire Emblem Heroes Bridal Blessings Event

This morning the mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes released it’s latest event, Bridal Blessings. Ever since I heard through the grapevine that this was going to be an event, I’ve been totally excited for it. Does it live up to my expectations?

The Event

With Bridal Blessings, you get the chance to pull four limited time characters all dressed up for their special day. There’s Charlotte the Money Maiden, Caeda the Talys’s Bride, Cordelia the Perfect Bride and Lyn the Bride of the Plains. On top of that, there was a new Paralogue added called Bridal Blessings that comes with three battles in normal, hard and lunatic along with new quests to get extra orbs.

The whole story line to the new Paralogue is that Anna is after the bridal blessing boquet that the four brides have. Whoever wins the battle will receive the bouquet along with the blessing.

The Feels

I saved up 120 orbs, just for this event. After pulling 100 heroes, I ended up getting Lyn the Bride of the Plains, thankfully. Naturally, I ended up with a bunch of duplicates like another four star Lilina and a couple of three star Olivias. I’m not complaining about Lilina.

But was it really worth it? I’m pretty sour about there being no males in this event. I would have died if there was a groom Chrom. Maybe would have even spent money to buy more orbs if that were the case. But it wasn’t. Instead they are marketing mostly to the players who love the girls more than the boys.

Plus, I really wanted bride Cordelia, mostly because I’m playing Awakening right now. Heck, just a normal Cordelia would be great. I have to admit though, Lyn in my opinion has the best dress out of them all. Next would be Caeda’s dress, then Cordelia, then Charlotte.

I guess I was pretty lucky to get Lyn. Though, was it worth all those hours farming orbs? Probably not for all the extra Hannahs that I got. Either way, Bridal Blessings is a cute event. I just wish they made it for people who like both boys and girls too.


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