Fire Emblem Awakening Final Impressions

Fire Emblem Awakening Final Impressions

I did it! After around 40 hours playing Fire Emblem Awakening, I was able to beat the final boss. Though after finishing, I am left with feels. Here are my Fire Emblem Awakening final impressions.

The Game

If you don’t know what Fire Emblem Awakening is about, here’s a short synopsis. Your character, Robin is found in a field by Prince Chrom and the Shepherds. You have amnesia, and only know how to fight and that your name is Robin or whichever name you choose. You join the Shepherds and help them with their fight against those who want to take over their kingdom.

However, as things develop a strange person comes from the future claiming to be Marth. That person helps you and you end up discovering that this is Prince Chrom’s daughter Lucina, who traveled from the future to save the future. In her future, Prince Chrom was killed by his best friend and the evil dragon, Grima awoke and was destroying her world. She went to the past to try to stop this.

After many wars and trying to prevent Lucina’s future from happening, you find that your true target is Grima. Can she change the future?

The Feels *SPOILERS*

I’M A DRAGON and the bad guy?! What?! Well, I guess in the end it makes perfect sense, especially for the reason why my character first killed Chrom in the beginning. I just didn’t see that coming is all. I guess, that was the biggest surprise in the game for me.

However, throughout Fire Emblem Awakening, I enjoyed the support system more than anything. Naturally my character being female, I married her off to Chrom. I knew that Lucina was Chrom’s kid, but I didn’t expect for my character to also have a kid. Which was a shock to me as well. My character being married to Chrom made choices in the end of this game a little easier to make. The choice to live.

Admittedly, I had to get all of the kids. That’s probably what took me so long to complete the game but I didn’t care. I had a blast getting couples together then finding their children. It was so worth it. Tharja’s story to me was my favorite. I had Tharja marry Gregor and they had Noire. I just love how split personality Norie is. How she claims to be this sweet innocent girl with a crazy ravenous side. Plus in the end when you marry Tharja and Gregor, Gregor ends up going on missions to avoid Tharja’s curses and she follows him without him knowing and protects him. Like, SO cute!

With getting all of the kids, it leveled up my characters enough to where when I faced Grima, it was actually pretty easy. It only took three of my strongest characters to take him down and I couldn’t help but let Chrom take the final blow so my character wouldn’t die. I don’t know for sure if they were going to die, but I didn’t want to find out. I mean, she’s got Lucina, Morgan and Chrom to take care of after all.

In the end, I heavily enjoyed my time playing Fire Emblem Awakening. It was fun and the support system has to be one of my most favorite things.

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