Face Bump a Mobile Game App Review

Face Bump

Are you looking for a new game to play on your iPhone? Are you in need of a free game to play on your phone during times of boredom or monotony? Well, AppSir’s newest game, Face Bump is finally here and fits that description.

The Game

In Face Bump, you play a cube hero who is trying to go as far as it can. The further you go, the higher your score becomes. It’s perfect for when you need a quick distraction or a bit of a challenge. Plus, there are things to unlock in this game such as Doge hero block. To unlock, you have to collect enough crystals to trade them in.

Plus, there are three endless worlds to explore. There’s one where you continually jump and avoid obstacles. Another, where you’re essentially skiing downhill, but only can move in a zigzag pattern to avoid obstacles. The last, is where you rocket your hero block to the next pillar while again, avoiding obstacles. Each one is distracting in it’s own way, and perfect for you or your kiddo to play.

The Feels

I always enjoy games on my phone¬†that are quick distractions from the real world. It’s perfect for when you have some down time and don’t want to think about anything. I use games like these to help control my anxiety every now and them.

Plus, with the simple mechanics of tapping yet the difficulty of the obstacles, make it fun. Plus, I really want to unlock the Doge hero block, or the Rainbow Puke one… Or Flapee Bewd. They’re all fun in their own ways.

Either way, it’s a free mobile game that’s free on the AppStore!

For more information: http://www.appsirgames.com/p/facebump.html

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