EVO 2016 Photo Album

EVO 2016 came and left quickly. It was a blast, there were so many people there to share their love of fighting games. Everyone I saw who was a competitor there had the controller of their choice in there hands. Wither it being a game cube controller, a PS4 controller or an Arcade FightStick.

Before EVO, I didn’t know that Arcade FightStick existed. However, all those Tekken and Street Fighter competitors were carrying them around in their arms or their backpacks. If you don’t know what an Arcade FightStick is, it’s like taking the control pad from the old Arcade games and putting it into box form that perfectly sits on your lap and can plug into the console. When watching people use the Arcade FightStick, I see why it’s their choice. They’re able to do multiple combos efficiently and quickly by tapping buttons and controlling their joystick. I was highly impressed.

Anyways, here’s some of the pictures I took while at EVO. There were so many people, but it was a perfect weekend to play fighting games.

EVO 2016

There were so many colorful awesome games at EVO 2016 and I can’t wait for EVO 2017. I had a blast watching the Super Smash Bros Melee tournaments and now have my own favorite competitors to root for. I’m excited to watch future tournament and to someday return to EVO.

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