Denver Comic Con 2018 Recap

Denver Comic Con 2018 Recap

This past weekend was Denver Comic Con, 2018 and I had the pleasure of attending it once again. Denver Comic Con has become a staple in the Denver metro area, a haven for pop culture fans alike. Luckily, Denver Comic Con 2018 lived up to the hype and even surpassed past years. Here’s my Denver Comic Con 2018 Recap.

There were many guests to meet and panels to see this past weekend at Denver Comic Con. Guests like Doctor Who’s, David Tennant and Billy Piper. They even had voice acting guests like Lucie Pohl and Charlet Chung who are best known for as Mercy and D.Va from Blizzard’s Overwatch. I’m a D.Va main and was so excited about this. Denver Comic Con had so many amazing guests this year, it was hard to resist for my wallet’s sake.

Admittedly, a majority of my time was spent over in the Artist Alley. I’m really not a fan of fan art, but I always enjoy finding original artwork. I had the pleasure of meeting Sara from Fly Okay, whose art is absolutely adorable and unique. She recently released a graphic novel, Once Upon A Whisper. Please look forward to a future interview with Sara! I also had the pleasure of meeting The Pidgeon Gazzette. She’s the webcomic creator behind Genji Cat, an Overwatch Fancomic. If you haven’t seen Genji Cat, and you’re a fan of Overwatch, you’re missing out. I also interviewed her as well!

Overall, Denver Comic Con 2018 was a blast. The lines were heavily improved from what they were in previous years and made it easy to traverse through. Unfortunately, there were no local independent video game developers showing games this year which was disheartening. Hopefully, they will come back next year.

Look forward to more coverage coming to PewPewCat by PewPewCat soon!

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