Denver Comic Con 2018 Interview with The Pigeon Gazette

Denver Comic Con 2018 Interview with The Pigeon Gazette

Denver Comic Con had so many different and amazing artists and webcomic artists in attendance at this year’s convention. I couldn’t believe that The Pigeon Gazette, Jane Zei herself was there until I found her in Artist Alley. I absolutely love her Overwatch Fan Comic, Genji Cat and was super excited to meet her. Below is my interview with The Pigeon Gazette!

PewPewCat: What originally inspired you into creating your webcomic, The Pigeon Gazette?

Jane Zei: Really just a desire to be true to myself. I grew up drawing and always talking about how I wanted to make a comic, but the years passed from high school to college and on, and I never followed through. I had such inspirational peers with such personal integrity – whenever they said they would do something, they did it, and I really couldn’t hide from the fact I wouldn’t walk my talk. One day I finally got sick of my own hot air and just decided I was going to draw a comic. Even if I failed, the act of actually DOING something my heart wanted was what redeemed my self-esteem. That TPG is actually shared and enjoyed years after is icing on the cake!


PPC: What is your favorite thing about being a webcomic creator?

Jane: The shit I get away with sharing and drawing. Half the jokes or silly situations in my head, if I ever shared them in person or casual conversation at a party, it’d just come across bizarre and inappropriate. Illustrate it up and post it on the INTERNET though, and it’ll automatically find a place to fit right in! Sometimes the things I think about may even be a bit bizarre by internet standards, but I get to post them and it’ll inevitably find its internet corner of weirdos and we’ll all have a good laugh. It’s a good time.

PPC: What inspired you to create your adorable Overwatch Fancomic, Genji Cat? Also are you a Genji main or whose your main?

Jane: Honestly, GenjiCat was an accident. I was bored, I had already clocked maybe 500 hours in Overwatch, and I just joked one day to a friend “Hey, what if Genji was a cat. You know what, I’mma draw it”. So I did and tossed it on the internet without really expecting anything, just a sort of ‘oh btw’. The internet GRABBED it. And I was just like, ‘fuck, guess I have to make this a thing’.

And no I’m god-awful at Genji. I’m more of a Zarya/Winston gal, though been pretty annoying with Junkrat lately.


PPC: Do you play other video games, and if so what is your game of choice at the moment?

Jane: I’m a big fan of the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. You know I played the heck out of Stardew Valley and Breath of the Wild when those came out…and looking forward to the Switch release of Spyro Remastered. I play a hella lot of Overwatch but it’s only because it’s quick to play a few rounds. I definitely love the longer lore/rpg video games when I find the time to explore them.

PPC: For aspiring webcomic creators, what advice would you give them?

Jane: Don’t do it to succeed. Love what you do, do it to share your voice, but don’t go into it for success’s sake. The hunger for success, the preoccupation with ‘what will be popular’ or the reactionary bitterness of ‘I’m not popular because I don’t sell out to mainstream’, all of these will pretty much sour your art and any shot you have of growing an audience.

It’s your authentic love, your honest voice, that will pull in followers. It may not pull in as many as you’d hope, but it’ll pull in the ones that matter, the ones that really understand what you’re doing, the ones who love YOU. It’s about the quality of the community you collect around your comics, not the quantity, because honestly? 99% of us will never become a Sarah’s Scribbles or Cyanide & Happiness. But, all of us can carve out our own authentic corner of the internet, a place where our imagination and voice can expand without restrictions and actually have a chance to be understood, something we probably all feel very little of in actual life.

Oh and if your comic does take off, don’t turn into a hotshot asshole.


You can find The Pigeon Gazette on:


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