Denver Comic Con 2017 Interview with Nate Hamel

Denver Comic Con 2017 Interview with Nate Hamel

Denver Comic Con is always a great place for artists to show off their creations. This year though, something that caught my eye was Barbarians, an indie comic book created by my friend, Nathanial (Nate) Hamel. Barbarians is the story of two female badass barbarians, who go around killing things. However, the special thing about this comic is Nate’s message to try to desensitize what the public perceives as nudity. Through that, he’s created two powerful female anti heroes. Take a look at at the interview below.

PewPewCat: What got you into becoming a comic book artist?

Nate Hamel: The love of design, and my need to draw. I started out drawing character and creature designs, and found myself enjoying the story behind the characters. So I had a calling to tell stories.

PPC: Who are the artists that have inspired you?

Nate: Wow>>>>!!!!! Bart Sears, Mark Nelson, Bob Hall, Zach Howard, karl Christian Krumpholz, Aaron Conley, Langdon foss, Leila Del Duca, Ryan otlley, Joe Oliver, Jolyan Yates, Armondo Durruthy, Larry Hamma, Etc…..!!!!

PPC: What inspired you to creating Barbarians?

Nate: My need to draw for fun.

PPC: What are your hopes with Barbarians?

Nate: Everyone to buy an issue so that I can print the next issue.

PPC: What are your hopes with the future of comic books?

Nate: I guess getting to draw more covers. Wink wink Marvel and DC.

For more information on Nathanial Hamel:

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