Denver Comic Con 2017 Interview with Author Liv Hadden

Denver Comic Con Interview with Author Liv Hadden

It’s almost been a month since Denver Comic Con, yet I still have interviews coming in! This time I had the chance to talk with the author of The Shamed Series, Liv Hadden. You can find my Denver Comic Con 2017 Interview with Author Liv Hadden below.

PewPewCat: What inspired you to become an author?
Liv Hadden: Reading! I grew up constantly reading and fell in love with storytelling. Books got me through some really tough times as a kid, and writing has done the same for me as an adult.

PPC: What kind of impact would you like to have on your audience?
Hadden: I want to tell them a story they can’t get enough of. One where they get lost for hours at a time.

PPC: What advice would you give to an aspiring author who doesn’t know where to start?
Hadden: I always like to quote R.E.M. here: begin the begin. In other words, don’t think so hard, just write! If you feel inspired, write it down. There’s no right way to start. That said, it’s always helpful to learn from others, so I highly suggest following writing blogs, like Writer’s Digest or Jane Friedman (there are a million others). It’s also helpful to join writing groups and take workshops offered at your local library. There are also writing conferences and groups you can check out (do a quick Google search!). In short – start writing however feels right to you, and in between expand your knowledge of the writing world!

PCC: What is your favorite thing about your book, In the Mind of Revenge or in general for your Shamed series?
Hadden: I love hearing everyone’s different interpretation of my main character, Shame. I avoid using pronouns in relationship to Shame so the reader can relate in a way that’s natural to them. Fifty percent say female, the other half say male, and I love it!

PPC: What are your current favorite things to read/watch for inspiration?
Hadden: I read all kinds of things for inspiration: science fiction, fantasy, romance, thriller, mystery, young adult…if it’s a story told well, I read it. I can find inspiration in every book I read because there’s something unique about that author’s style, world, concepts, etc. As for things I watch, it depends on what I’m writing. My most recent manuscript, COUNTING BODIES LIKE STARS, is a Guardians of the Galaxy meets James Bond space opera, so I watched a lot of Star Trek, Star Wars, James Bond, Guardians (of course), and anything else featuring larger than life villains, super high stakes, and cool spy stuff.

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